How Many People in the World Have Cancer

Cancer or the deadly malignant neoplasm has caused most people of the world shattered. Every now and then this disease creeps in and there is a terror in every human mind. According to the medical terminology, cancer is referred scientifically as malignant neoplasm which relates to a bunch of uncontrollable growth of cells which is the acute stage of a tumor. There are no limitations of age, society and the surroundings for this disease to remain at bay.

Cancer has been a cause of trauma for most of the individuals in this world. So if a question is asked as to how many people in this world has cancer then it would not be wise to follow the answer that might pop out. One tenth of the entire World almost suffers from cancer. There would be many controversies regarding approximate figures or percentages relating to that. A number of preventive vaccines have been invented but a proper and definite cure has not yet been established. In the initial stages of a diagnosis which shows indications of a cancer may be treated with radiation therapy, chemotherapy, antibody therapies or by prophylactic vaccines. But it still keeps many of us at the wit’s end if we sit down and wonder how many people in the world have cancer?

The World Health Organization has predicted a 50% rise in the levels of cancer by 2020. It doesn’t speak all that good either that some countries witness around a quarter of deaths annually through cancer. The WHO has also stated that the most prominent cause of cancer has been tobacco. The lifestyle and trends of humans across the world has also been a major reason for this deadly disease to take away a lot of lives. So if you are looking for an answer to your question of really how many people in the world have cancer then it’s really a cause of worry and concern.

The mostly prevailing cases of cancer have been oral cancer, pharynx, larynx, stomach and lung and breast cancer. So it’s clear that the largest section of the cancer is caused by tobacco which people consume in spite of the statutory warnings and global awareness.

The Western lifestyle has higher risk of cancer rates owing to the high calorific diet items, fatty diet supplements, and animal proteins and overall lower physical activities have opened the doors for energy imbalance and the cause of cancer being one of the most prevalent diseases.

Obesity has also been one major factor in getting diagnosed with cancer and the developed countries have more rates of obese people. So the developed countries are facing almost 50% cancer diagnosis while the developing countries face about 80% late incurable cancer stages. So all throughout the world this disease prevails and is even expected to grow in rapid rates. So how many people in the world have cancer? Any answer or even trying to find that answer approximately pushes the humans into cutting sorry figures.

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